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Greg Beckman has been in the off-road motorsports industry for over twenty years. During this time he has owned several ATV and Dirt bike showroom and repair facilities catering to young riders. Growing up, Greg’s greatest passion was dirt-bikes. Mr. Beckman has several young boys and he thought his children might also enjoy the sport, so when his eldest boy turned three-years old, Mr. Beckman went out and bought two mini-dirt-bikes (PW-50’s). The boys liked them, but the Arizona terrain was difficult for the little bikes so Mr. Beckman purchased mini-ATV’s. These first two ATV’s were overpriced and not Ride ready. After researching the industry and seeing a niche, Mr. Beckman began selling Kasea-brand ATV’s out of his garage. The business grew and he opened a store. In less than a year, he was Kasea’s largest dealer nationwide.


Mr. Beckman had some great ideas on how to make the mini-ATV’s better, but no manufacturer he spoke with was interested. The typical manufacturer response was, “Why change it? People are still buying them”.


Mr. Beckman built large quantities of custom ATV’s for people around the country. He kept hearing over and over the complaints and desires of his mini-ATV customers. Riding every weekend with his children gave him firsthand experience with the shortcomings of the mini-ATV.


APEX MOTORS – BRIEF HISTORY Mr. Beckman took the initiative and went to Taiwan. He designed his own mini-ATV, taking it to the next level. He built a mini-ATV that was durable, stable, dependable, and affordable. From personal experience he knew what the customer was looking for in a mini-ATV, and he designed his ATV accordingly. The Apex Pro MXR is AMA / ATVA certified.


APEX MOTORS – PRESENT DAY 17 years ago, Greg Beckman never envisioned his company becoming as well-known and successful as present day. Today, the Apex mini-ATV quads are dominant at Ride tracks around the world. We constantly make improvements and seek innovative solutions to improve performance. The business has grown, and the ATV’s have gained international recognition as extremely well-made ATV’s. Our products are routinely published in national magazines alongside the major manufacturers.

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